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The Tucker Vise by Veritas®

Do you have a Tucker vise? I would like to use your photos here.


The Tucker Vise was designed by Edwin Tucker and Leonard Lee and patented on July 7, 1992. See United States Patent No. 5,127,639. The Tucker vise is made primarily of ZA-12 material which is stronger than cast iron, less brittle and much lighter. The vise jaws are 8" x 13" and open 12". The vise weighs 50 lbs. One of the handy features of the Tucker vise is the automatic opening. This is by either the top-release bar or by foot pedal. The hinged mounting angle or plate is unique in that it mounts to the face of the bench. The metal faced jaws stand up taller than the Emmert vise. The vise dogs are round and rotate to accommodate odd shaped objects. This handsome vise is thoroughly designed and very well crafted.

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The above photos are courtesy of Lee Valley Tools Ltd. 


This beautiful bench has a Tucker vise front vise. Here's a view from under the bench.

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