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G. M. Yost Mfg. Co.

Meadville, Pennsylvania

Do you have a Yost vise? I would like to use your photos here.

Yost Patternmakers Vise

Gilmore M. Yost of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania filed an application on Aug. 19, 1907 for the No. 1 vise shown at the very top. That's just one year after Joseph F. Emmert died. G. M. Yost's patent was approved on Sept. 29, 1908. Yost's universal vise has obvious similarities. Some of the new "Improvements" include a hinged angle bracket that mounts from below "without reducing the thickness of the top of the bench". The slot in the beam is on the bottom which will keeps more dust and shavings out. The taper adjustment is different with a knob on the front. The tilt adjustment mechanism is a different design also and does not appear to be as strong. The tilt adj. bar is thinner and the tilt adj. bracket is held on with only 2 screws. The jaws measure 8" x 16".


In 1908, G. M. Yost Mfg. Co. was established. Today, Yost Mfg. Co. still manufactures various vises and jaw caps.


Yost Mfg. Co.

388 W. 24th St.

Holland, MI 49423

phone 616-396-2063


Aug. 15, 1902 G. M. Yost signed as one of the witnesses for this Emmert vise patent.



Patent 899,779 Dated Sept 29, 1908 by G. M. Yost.

To see the official content as published by USPTO, go to http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?patentnumber=899779 and click on the Images button.

Fig. 4 shows a cross section of the Yost Universal Vise. Note the taper adj. knob facing front.

Fig. 6 shows the hinged mounting angle screwed to the underside of the bench top.

Yost Vise Photos


This Yost is Serial Number 8452.


Here it is disassembled.


Tilt Adj. Rod



Another Yost specimen.



Thomas Ash restored this beauty in May 2004.

Gilmore Yost went on to work for Columbian Hardware Co. in Cleveland, Ohio where he patented more vises. Click here to follow his progress.

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