Project Firebird

Clean Up Day

Have you ever been looking for a part in your garage and you can't find it anywhere? ...Where is that back seat?... I have. ...I know it was over there last week.... More and more I would look and not find. ...I thought I had two left fenders?... To the point were I quit looking. ...Damn, I know it's here.... Then my best friend, Dean Jackson came to the rescue. Just look at this mess. He helped pull everything out of the garage, organize it and put it back neatly. He helped in so many ways, motivation, support, clean-up. There are not enough ways to say Thanks!


Dean helps with sweat and modivation  Dean helps with sweat and modivation


I had never painted a car before, so I had a lot to learn. I started by purchasing all the paint materials at one time - mistake. I had seen other cars with polyurethane paint jobs and liked the shine. So I tried it. After spraying, it looked like crap. It was running, dripping and orange peeling. I tried different techniques with no luck. It had to go. I sanded the paint off and re-primed that section of the car. I went to the paint store and bought another couple hundred dollars of paint. This time I tried the base coat, clear coat system made by PPG. The base coat was just like shooting primer. I loved it, no runs, no orange peel. The clear coat was almost as easy and was much better than Emeron polyurethane.


Paint on body  Paint Drip 


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