Project Firebird

New Timing Cover and Water Pump
These components should make a good water pump build up. They include the Kauffman Racing timing cover ordered from Tin Indian Performance, Flow Kooler aluminum water pump, ARP bolts, new pump sleeves and gaskets. The KRE Timing Cover came with the front seal. The aluminum casting appears thicker than stock and machining is precisely done.



Flow Kooler aluminum water pump has a 4.5" hub height. It is important to measure prior to ordering. You must measure from the bottom of the casting to the top of the flange. Otherwise the pulley and belts will not line up.



Insert the new sleeves in the timing cover and check the fit of the divider plate. I got my sleeves from California Pontiac Restorations. Next, put the divider plate on the water pump and check the fit. You should have about 0.040-0.060 inches between the impeller and the divider plate. I used a large vise to bend the divider plate and make a tighter fit.





Here it is painted and ready to install.
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