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Emmert Photos





My Emmert Photo Gallery is organized by Vise Model and then by the Type as described in the Type Study. The Type Study only covers the large turtleback and large K1 vises. Use the links below to see the various vises.

I would very much like to include yours. Just send me a few digital photos to High resolution images are preferred.

Emmert Large No.1 Patternmakers Vise

Type T1  Type T2  Type T3  Type T3.2  Type T3.5  Type T4  Type T5 

Type U0.5  Type U1  Type U2  Type U3  Type U4  Type U5  Type U6


Emmert Smaller No.2 Patternmakers Vise

Small No. 2


Other Emmert Items

Other Emmerts

Factory & User Colors


Other Manufactures of Patternmaker Vises

Copies, Knockoffs and Other Vises

AMT Vises

Columbian Vises

Kindt-Collins Vises

Mead Vises

Oliver Vises

Sheldon Vises

The Tucker Vise by Veritas

Victor Tool Co. - See Type U0.5

Wilton Vises

Yeon Chuan Machinery

Yost Vises





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